Tango nights portfolio added

Tango night in Geneva

Tango night in Geneva

One of the most beautiful times in Geneva was the spring. The city parks are colorful and the season of festivals and cultural events is just starting.
The Garden Party is one of them, followed then by “la Fête de la musique” and later on “les Fêtes de Genève” which officially end the summer time.
The portfolio I have added is called “Tango nights“. During the Garden Party in 2007 I went to the open air demonstration of a tango dance, the teacher and owner being a friend of mine. It was raining, the bare foot dancers and the fantastic athmosphere made it very easy to be inspired and go home with these shots, which seek to freeze a series of emotions, bursts of colors and perfect movements I had the luck to witness.

Looking at the pictures brings me back and I can almost still hear the music, accompanied by the raindrops.
Enjoy it!


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