A small experiment on space appropriation

Coffe and magazines

When I first moved to Berlin, I spent the initial couple of days trying to appropriate the space in the appartment. I didn’t feel exactly “at home”.

I tried feeling better by taking pictures in different rooms of the appartment to establish my own vision, to create a sort of “self-referential” image of how I wanted the place to look to make me feel better.

Coffe and magazines

Coffee and magazines - the kitchen

Does it always work? I don’t know. I have moved to different places but I never felt the need to think about space in such a way. However, I have found out how much it means to me now. I realized I needed to give “space” an image of my own. It came naturally once I had the camera in my hands. I realized I already had a more or less precise wish of how I wanted the appartment to look.

It is even more interesting to observe people’s reactions when they see this picture hanging on the wall of the kitchen. Some don’t realize right away that it is indeed the same room. To me it is a good starting point to think of space and its ordinary day-to-day meaning.
And is there anything more appropriate for this kind of analysis than the place we live in? People spend a variable amount of time giving shape to their homes, be it mere furniture or colors on the wall, and even as we alter the rooms we live in, I think the appropriation of space establishes a common denominator.


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