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I am not the best when it comes to working with measurements. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am not incredibly patient either. That’s why this post, or should I say, what lies beneath this post, comes as a total surprise.

When I was little, I spent a lot of time with grandma, a sewer, and until I was too old to be only wearing skirts, she basically made all the clothes that I wore. Mainly dresses and skirts. I had a passion for dresses and skirts. Ahh, luckily now I am old enough to actually wear dresses and skirts without being laughed at by the entire school. Kudos to aging.

So here I am, living in Berlin as a photographer, and with more time to dare and to try the things that I always wanted to try. This includes sewing. Yes because a few weeks ago I was thinking that it is such a pity, to let passions go by because one has to make space and time for education and earning money. Is there really any more excuse not to learn how to sew? Absolutely not.

I worked a plan. I got my hands on a sewing machine (let’s all welcome Swiss Bernina Bernette 56 Fun Style), on sewing tools (among which a rotary cutter and a mat), some basic sewing books and fabric, lots of fabric. The great thing is now I actually have a great excuse to spend money on that beautiful fabric I saw at the market but I had no idea what to do with in case I ever bought it!

Here is what I did and learned in the past week. If any of you just discovered a passion for sewing and live in Berlin and have more ideas on where to find fabric and other tools, please let me know.

I googled and searched on forums of fellow sewing lovers living in Berlin and I found out, much to my dismay, that Berlin does not seem to be the most furnished city when it comes to fabric.

So here is what I have seen so far.


I love markets, I think it’s the best way to buy anything. So I am now a proud habitué of the Türkischer Markt am Maybachufer – Tuesdays and Fridays from 11 to 18 U-Bahnhof Schönleinstraße. Here you will be able to find LOTS of fabric and the silk lovers will be happy. Prices are VERY reasonable and there are also plenty of booths with sewing supplies, notions, you name it. I simply love this market.

I also tried the Flohmarkt at Tiergarten (Saturdays) and I was not able to find any fabric nor sewing tools.

The next on the list is the one at Mauerpark (Sundays).

Shops and stores for fabric

Shops are also a good idea but I am less of an expert here. There’s of course Frau Tulpe, on the Veteranenstr. 19 (Mitte) with a very appealing broad selection of (expensive) fabric. The shop is small but well furnished and I personally always take a long time to come up with a decision since there is so much choice. You can also order online and they also give sewing classes!

I have also been to Knopfloch (Alexanderplatz), mainly to buy scissors, a rotary cutter and a mat, but they also have plenty of fabric (might not be everyone’s beloved style).
Also on Alexanderplatz (in Berlin Carré) there is the Zick Zack Nähwelt. The good thing about this shop is that you can find many tools, sewing machines supplies and notions (they also sell sewing machines and have fabric scraps at the entry).

Heard good things about Kumasch in Charlottenburg (Kantstr. 47). They mainly have fabric. Will go there one of these days. Same for Stoffhaus on Frankfurter Allee 50 (buggy website).

Online shops

There are also a lot of online resources, Germany based shops or shops that deliver to Germany. I have not tried them yet, but I have done some research.
Quiltzauberei has a very nice selection of fabric and almost all the Amy Butlers.
Puddlecrafts, based in the UK, has a very nice selection of fabrics as well.
DaWanda, a web site collecting different sellers, also from other countries. Looks rather interesting.

UPDATE: if you’re interested in fabric, renewFabrics is slowly but surely coming to life. It’s my new project which essentially consists in printing on second-hand fabric to limit waste.

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  1. Great list of sewing resources! I have been eager to visit Frau Tulpe, though I imagined it must be a little pricey there – just as you said. Sadly, I haven’t had much luck outside of what you list. I just got a sewing machine for a birthday gift, and I’m so eager to work on projects while we live in Germany.

  2. Hi Katie!
    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

    A couple of updates now that I have seen more.
    I could not find much fabric at the Mauerpark flea-market. There are plenty of supplies and buttons if one really looks, but there was only one booth with fabric the last time I went.

    Kumasch is fantastic, so much fabric in that shop! It can get pricy at times but it is well worth a visit. It also has a “sister” store not too far from this one, where they sell all sorts of supplies (all kinds of zippers, buttons, notions, and everything you need to sew basically).

    I also took a look at Idee. (by the KadDeWe) and I was shocked by the prices. Insane.

    Currently, I am desperately trying to find stores where I can buy silkscreens and other supplies to print on fabric. I have to say it is not too easy 😀

    Wow, that’s a long comment.

  3. E il Flohmarkt am Arkonaplatz ? Vengo anch’io? Bella che sei, e io posso dire di averle viste dal vivo le tue creazioni.

  4. Ma che bella che sei tu!
    Me lo son dimenticato? Il Flohmarkt am Arkonaplatz è bellissimo! Ho comprato un sacco di bei bottoni con tinte lilla molto fashion! 😀

  5. Here is another good store, especially for basics: Hüco, Lise Meitnerstrasse in Charlottenburg, website: Fabrics of all sorts, cotton, wools etc. Good quality, prices are ok, just be carefull, prices on the rolls are without taxes, so 19% will be added at the cashregister.

    And if any of you have problems with sewing it all together, we offer sewing classes in english at the sewing cafe in Kreuzberg, wrangelstrasse 80. You can come by the hour or you can book a course. More information:

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  7. Hi
    i am a designer who are just opening an atelier here in berlin…Mitte. Looking for an assistant to work with sewing machines, experience required, if anyone is interested or even if you know someone retired but interested on a part time, please let me know…
    In the other hand i am experiencing the same problem here… Very difficult to find nice and good fabrics for professional purposes… Sorry for my english.
    best regards

  8. Hi

    Thanks for the post. I am moving very soon from New York City to Germany – close to Berlin. And I am very scared to loose the garment district.
    Do you know any place where they have the machinery to apply snaps and studs?

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