Best before news – Il giornalino precario

Many many contracts

Sometimes in life you run into, or stumble upon, or simply get in contact with people in similar difficult situations, that is, precarious work situations, who also have a sense of humor.

A few weeks ago, one such kind of serendipitous event brought me in contact with Silvia, the initiator of the little “Best before news” magazine, which deals with the issue of precarious work situations in Italy with a witty style, beautiful graphic and a sense of humor.
Yes, you are thinking right, the magazine is in Italian, but believe me, it is worth learning the language.
It is a collage of stories of different people, in different fields, but all marked by the insecure and unjust conditions of today’s labor market. A never-ending list of temporary contracts ( is the new black in Italy), jotting through jungle-like relationships, having to become a “freelancer” in some cases to mask a down-spiral of “thank you, goodbyes”.
But the point is not only to tell the stories with wit and intelligence, rather also to spur emancipation and change.

This fall’s issue deals with two stories, taken from a “before” and “after” perspective. We are told something about these people and the leitmotiv is their progressive slide towards “freelancing”, seen as the only solution or as a solitary confinement in a fake independence.
The stories are illustrated by some photographer, uhm, that would be me. I hope you enjoy it and start your own little revolution.

Best before news, 4th issue


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