November, november


November in Berlin.
This has been a month of reading, patient silence and not so patient attempt to get ahead of my desire to “know things”.
I have put my Holga to work and focused my attention on what I believe is my source of inspiration at the moment: the immediate and near world. I am not the kind of person who would sit there and say “look how beautiful nature is”, as it is, to me, a self-evident reality that most of the natural world is indeed beautiful.

Yet, even the most beautiful things are altered, fenced and restricted by our actions and made to serve some kind of “aesthetic” purpose. Much like doing something completely out of the blue, following pure instinct, and then providing it with some kind of theoretical explanation to justify this action to ourselves.
Much like the construction of identity, which represents nothing more than a series of coincidences and random selections of elements, then stapled together to give birth to a semi-consistent (but never rational, nor void of contradictions) system. A system that will be repeated, altered in time and sold to be the basics of how we live, of how we were, of how we should be. Total fiction.

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  1. Wow!Tu écris si bien et tes photos et commentaires sont si interressantes!

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