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Exhibition: opening 6

This post comes late and after a rather long break from blogging, which is a very good thing sometimes.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the opening of an exhibition where some of my works were featured. The vernissage was very nice, I had a good time trying to escape to the upper part of the gallery where the heating was on. The trick was to greet friends and acquaintances as quickly as possible, though nicely, and then suggest we meet upstairs “where the rest of the exhibition is”.

Exhibition: opening 6

I was very happy about how the different pieces were put together, thanks to the curator. It somehow all appeared to make sense, even when the styles and media were so different. I was particularly proud to have that beautiful spot on the right wall upstairs, with a very flattering light illuminating one of the pieces (see photo below).

Exhibition: opening 2

All in all it was a good time, even the preparation, though there has been a glitch with the catalogues (sometimes I wonder whether printing facilities contemplate teaching people what too much magenta means). A lesson learned for me. The greatest part was seeing so many familiar faces at the opening. Thanks to all of the friends who came to show their support.

Exhibition: opening 5

On another note, I worked up the courage to pick up my pastels and try out some new things. This, for example, is “Nature and man”, a mix of pastels and painted-on fabric, on my current theme “Parallel lines”.

I even got some watercolors yesterday though I haven’t been able to sit down with them yet. When I was little I used to play a lot with watercolors, but then growing up I somehow stopped using them. Oh well, it’s never too late.

Last but not least, I managed to draw a pattern for myself to make a tunica dress. The measuring, designing and drawing didn’t take too much time (I learned with this book), however I was very busy and couldn’t find the time to actually sew it all together. I eventually found the time a couple of days ago and I will be doing finishing touches today. I will incorporate some embroidery (crewel, that is) and then show it off.


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