The December 12 “candle” demonstration in Berlin for the Copenhagen summit

Demo 13

On the 12th of December I went to a demonstration, a candle light demonstration in a cold pre-Christmas Berlin, held in front of the Brandenburg Gate and organised by the group TCKTCK.

The aim was, of course, to tell the world leaders who were then meeting in Copenhagen, that the people wanted a “real deal”, that is a binding legal agreement to stop climate change (or more accurately, to settle on a level of emissions that would allow us to stay at a level that is controllable enough and thus avoiding a catastrophe of huge magnitude).

Copenhagen was a failure, no one is hiding this fact.

I am publishing these photos NOW, that is months after the demonstration, not so much because of a gained perspective on the issue of climate change in the light of the failure to come to a binding agreement, but rather because my account was not so much aimed at documenting the demonstration, but at taking a piece of that atmosphere, the impression (real or not, that’s not up to me to decide) that at that moment those people who were holding these candles could affect the world to a great extent.

The idea of capturing this idea of being able to change things with showing up at a demonstration is not an attempt on my part to say that “nothing can change with simply holding a candle” (I am rather against this point of view, which usually masks one’s inability or laziness to be socially active). Sure I know the difference between people standing in the cold in Berlin and in other cities and politicians lobbying for a deal, weighing their pledge to their citizens with the interests of those who donate money to their campaigns. On the other hand, if we simply take this demonstration as a genuine interest on the part of the citizens to “do something”, there is still a point on keeping the information flowing, on other issues too, on all types of social issues that affect us all to different extents.

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