Sharing darkroom know-hows: Darkrooms in Berlin

I have heard it enough times to make me worry: “dark room work will eventually die out or remain a very restricted niche field”. Is it true?
Be as it may, there is a certain tendency to dismiss analog photography and do-it-yourself printing for many reasons, especially because digital photography allows faster results that can be achieved without the need of a dark room.
This post does not intend to defend dark room work or analog printing, because each photographer has her/his own working methods. Even I sometimes use digital technology to print proofs before going to the lab. (It’s a timesaver, especially if you do color analog printing).
However, if you also worry that the craft of analog printing will slowly die, or want to know about it, keep on reading and maybe come back to see new articles on this topic.

This post is dedicated to difficult art of finding a dark room to rent in Berlin.
If you’re like me and move a lot, you have become accustomed to endless google searches for the nearest collective dark room to rent.

I will try to compile a list which is not exhaustive (at least I hope). This means: if you, yes you, the reader, knows of other collective dark rooms in Berlin and feel like sharing your precious address, drop a comment and in the future I will update this list.
Darkrooms in Berlin auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Let’s start with the Weinmeisterhaus (a place I love and hold dear). It is one of the last cultural strongholds in the touristy area of Mitte, in danger of being closed down (but resisting for now). There is a collective dark room here, use is free of charges, open Tuesdays to Thursdays from 2 pm to 8 pm. You have to be under 26 to use it though. The house also has a studio to do shootings and a digital “dark room” where you can scan and print your images.

I also know of imago fotokunst (I attended a color dark room workshop there). They have both a black and white and a color dark room to rent (9 euros per hour for black and white and 10 for color).

Another place where you can rent based on the hour is LichtMal open Mondays to Saturdays from 4 pm to 8 pm (here too you can buy a dark room card to save a little on the renting fees).

Then google tells me of Ulrich Hagel. Here, unless I am mistaken, you can rent the color dark room (with out without assistance). For the prices, see on the link.

There is also goLab, where renting of a color dark room is only on a daily basis.

I also found artprints berlin, where you can rent both black and white and color labs. Here too, renting is done on a 24 hour basis and price calculation is quite specific.

Finally, my recent find has been magenta. Here you can rent a dark room (and you work alone) on a hourly basis.

This is pretty much it for my part. There used to be a very cool place (people tell me) way before I moved to Berlin, namely the dark room associated with fotoimpex. However, helas, it is gone.

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Darkrooms in Berlin auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen


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  3. super useful post!! Thank you!!!

  4. Hi Elisabetta,

    I’m also specialized on B&W analogue printing in Berlin.
    Also, I’m offering printing workshops in English in Friedrichshain.
    details and contact info at:

    I hope you don’t mind me writing here.
    Have a nice day


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