Where to go for an analog C-Print in Berlin: my love for lists

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Next to the other

I seem to have a thing for making lists, fabric shops lists, darkrooms lists, and now this.

I have been doing my own C-Prints for a couple of months now and I am glad that I do because it is truly a fascinating and in many ways cleaner process than black and white darkroom work. Knowing the level of skills and time that go into printing a color photograph in a darkroom, it’s natural that prices for this kind of work are higher than the “other” prints.
So here is a list of labs that still do analog C-Prints in Berlin (the list is not meant to be exhaustive, in that if I have forgotten a place, please DO leave a comment and I will update the list in the future).


C-Print does analog C-Prints and contact sheets only. No development of films. It’s not the easiest place to find but it’s situated “close” to the U-Bahn station “Rosa Luxemburg Platz”.


I mentioned this lab before as they also rent their analog color darkroom. They also do analog C-Prints.

ulrich.hagel labor

Similarly, this lab also rents its darkroom. The link I posted takes you directly to the prices of hand-made C-Prints.

Imago Fotokunst

Here you can rent the dakroom (both black and white and color) and also have the C-Prints done there.

Sadly, this is all I found.
If you happen to know of other places, drop a message.

[UPDATE: I also found PG Lab, which is also in Hannover]

P.s. I have new listings in my shop, by the way.

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