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Beautiful designs

In the past few months I have felt disconnected and somewhat isolated. Now, it’s hard not to fall into the usual “solitary-artist” stereotype who works in darkness and isolation, to then deliver a new masterpiece to a world of stunned spectators. I am not really part of any such clique, nor do I want to be.

I want and need to communicate, share, evolve and understand the world around me. It’s been a great time working on the project, and to some extent this project has been therapeutic for me. Precarious work situations such as internships tend to isolate us from one another, so taking the project across countries and now showing it in different places is a good opportunity to meet the people who then look at the photographs and read the stories and sometimes also react and comment on them.
Besides the project I have been trying to react myself against my own particular “precarious situation”, exploring new territories and trying not to be discouraged by a lack of belonging that I seem to carry around with me.
I am speaking about crafting and creating, acting on the real world, working on objects and changing them. Until not too long ago I had not fully understood the potential of this activity on my own life. I always looked at crafters with an admiring eye, merely looking at the objects they create, but not really understanding how this process of slow creation followed by sharing with the world can be, yes, therapeutic.

Somehow connected to this, but not really about me (some news, finally!) is this non-profit organization, Scarabäus Hoher Fläming e.V., whose aim to help people in difficult situations making a new start and making things is key to this activity.
They were present at the pottery market that took place last weekend in Dahlem, along with other artists and professional pottery makers.

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