When in London, think about Berlin

There's something about this city

I am in London for a couple weeks to attend two interesting courses on textile design and this chaotic city tends to be overwhelming, at least to someone who is used to relaxed, “take-your-time” Berlin. Not sure why, but whenever I am somewhere, for something I had been looking forward to for a long time, I can’t stop thinking about the place I left behind, even though it’s only very temporary.

But while in London, I also take advantage of the amount of things to do and to see. Case in point, the Sally Mann exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery (she will be there on Saturday 24th from 3 to 4 pm for a book signing session). It’s hard to say anything about her work that does not involve the word fantastic. I had seen a couple of her photographs at a group exhibition in Vienna but the London retrospective offers a background and it’s organized in a way that allows you to unite the dots and fully appreciate how special her work is.

Besides this short report from London, I wanted to add a technical comment: some of the links to the exhibitions’ archives on the side column for “Structurally recyclable, basically disposable” have not been working correctly. Use the links from the Exhibitions page for now and I will try to fix everything as soon as possible.


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