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For those of you who know me and follow me on twitter, it is quite obvious that I am passionate about feminism. Today, as I did my daily reading on Sociological images, I found this

“Men and women are told, in a myriad of daily ways, that being masculine is good and feminine bad. It sneaks into our daily language in ways that are so common that we fail to even see it anymore…”

The blog post in question was about gendered slurs at google and even though the concept of internalization of patriarchal structures to the point that it is not even noticed anymore is far from new to me, I have not, until now, actively documented this problem.
Do you walk by a window and see and advertisement that screams “sexism”? I am sure you do. As a matter of fact, this past saturday I was downtown Berlin to run some errands and I walked past THREE consecutive shops that were exploiting women in order to sell. I wish I had a proper camera with me to document this.
I was shocked and in disbelief and I turned around and asked myself (not too quietly): “what is wrong with you people?”. Why is no one saying anything? Why aren’t the others walking beside me as outraged as I am?

Maybe that sentence makes sense now: these images are everywhere and we are so used to them.

With this blog post I want to start a series on these images. Berlin is full of them and I happen to have a camera (multiple ones at that).
Who knows, maybe I will learn to be shocked again.

(This photograph was not taken with a proper camera. Forgive me)

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