A couple of weeks ago I took a small holiday (= a weekend, yep that counts as holiday for the self-employed). A couple of days away, not too far, but still in a different setting. Bantikow, the place I am talking about, is a small township in the Wusterhausen/Dosse municipality. Having grown up in a small town I am used to the lack of public transport and the general assumption that everyone has a car. However, since I spent most of my adult life in foreign cities, I got used to public transport being widely available to everyone. In Berlin the assumption is that almost nobody has a car.
In Bantikow and surrounding areas on the Untersee lake – with plenty of Inns, restaurants and camping fields – the assumption goes that anyone who has reached this area has done so by car, even though it is technically possible to come by train, provided that you don’t intend to arrive on a weekday because the bus from Wusterhausen (the closest train station) to Bantikow does not run on weekends.



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