The following series has been featured in an exhibition, which was held at the ACUD Galerie in December 2009.

A diverting game.
The visions of humans to which this series of photographs refers, make up an articulate personal diary in (probable) continuous progression.
The look is elastic, very attentive. Dreamy, yet strictly realistic and linked to the day-to-day. These are pages of dense or more subtle instantaneous moments (and movements), that can be shared in various and large degrees. Those corners and areas of different European cities serve as a tangible theatre of encounters, exchange, passage and reflexion, observation and memory and in those moments something of irresistible beauty always happens.
The game exists in the coordinated exchange of knowledge of the rules, between light, shadow, surfaces, points and shapes, between movement and stillness.
Sometimes harmonious, sometimes chaotic, sharp or blurry: sensitivity, above all, determines the duration, rhythm and intensity of the game.
All the key elements take place by themselves, even unknowingly. Lazy or fast paced, simply still or passing by, they always end up together to become something else.
Through repetition, in the urban mingling made of architecture and humanity, (even when perpetuate and cyclical), the otiose and productive gestures and movements, within a dance of geometrical and
anthropomorphic architectural shapes, give back through their (represented) peculiar diversity, a personal and more active space appropriation. A creative and ludic appropriation, that becomes poetic, solitary and choral, sometimes even reaching a mute and minimal lyricism.
The eye of those who look can grasp and spread at any moment, the suggestion to turn elsewhere, to take other sensorial directions, to search for oneself allowing the soul to distract itself, to free itself from pestering thoughts.
To divert, to divert oneself.

written by Cinzia Adolfi

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