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I took a short trip to Wildau (close to Berlin), also home to a University of applied sciences and here are a few images from that day.
Continuing my series on beauty images (and ideals) in Berlin (and Leipzig).
It is not always about the sexualization and objectification (although that is unfortunately the rule it seems), you mostly see women immobile, staring into space, looking startled or…
A while ago I wrote about this project I was involved in, which revolved around the city of Berlin, with a focus on the changing nature of the city and how media campaigns have shaped my understanding (in a way…
Killing Us Softly 4 Trailer from Media Education Foundation on Vimeo. In her documentary, Killing Us Softly 4, Jean Kilbourne says, referring to the ideal of absolutely flawless beauty with which we are continually fed by ads:
“She never

For those of you who know me and follow me on twitter, it is quite obvious that I am passionate about feminism. Today, as I did my daily reading on Sociological images, I found this
“Men and women
In the spirit of traditions I went to the 28th Long Night of Museums in Berlin, which took place at the end of January.
I am fascinated by people in museums. It is this apparently banal activity of looking…
Today I noticed that daylight sticks around longer than before (finally!). Then I got some old films at the lab and I found these. That day I was traveling to Charlottenburg to run some errands there and the snow made…
These photographs where shot in the park around the Memorial to Homosexuals persecuted under Nazism
This article appeared on the Craft Guerrilla Zine, issue nr.8 (Winter Zine), which you can must buy here.
You can get it either as pdf or hard copy. It is a monthly issue which features articles, fantastic illustrations and
In continuous evolution…
From the series: Visions of humans