Coaching services

Product management coaching

You may be just starting out in product management or have experience and seeking to improve your skills.

You may be looking to change career and want to acquire knowledge and skills on product management.

Maybe you have just landed a job as product manager or got a promotion and need to cover your ground on skills you have less experience on but you do not know who to ask.

I know how valuable a mentor can be, someone to talk to and ask questions that you do not feel comfortable asking in your current work setting.  

As your coach, I will offer a space to ask questions, and will work with you through trainings and materials.

Example of topics we can cover:

  • Product management processes

  • Product discovery

  • User interviews 

  • User testing (qualitative v quantitative)

  • Roadmap v timeline 

  • MVPs and validating product assumption without coding

  • Prototyping, wire framing

  • Product management tools

  • Leading a product team

  • Product Strategy 

  • Time management as a product leader

  • Project management skills for product managers


Leadership & management coach

You may be new to line-management and need help with establishing a structured management relationship that helps your managees.

You may be a senior product manager who needs help and resources to continually help your team grow.

Establishing a great line-management relationship takes time and effort. As your line-manager coach who cares about you and your team's success, I will help you develop a framework for management that is structured, goal-oriented, based on open feedback and empathetic. 


What we will do

During our first session, we will clearly define the goals for our work together. This will help me understand what you need and will allow me to prepare the right materials for you.


The sessions are a mix of:

  • Coaching: you will bring a topic to each session (unless agreed upon in advance), and we will work through it. I will ask questions and lead you to find your own answer

  • Training: in accordance with our goals and topics of interest, I will deliver short trainings sessions and provide with readings and materials. 

  • Mentoring: looking at your challenges and growth,I will share experiences and provide feedback

  • Retrospectives: during each session, we will discuss what worked and what has not worked so far

Booking and rates

  • Sessions can be booked individually or in packages, depending on your needs and goals.

  • Sessions last 60 minutes, but can be adjusted for individual needs.

  • I offer special rates for individuals (booking individually and not with a company) and freelancers