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Product management consulting

Introducing new product management processes in a company can be challenging. You may be working at a startup and need help establishing good product management practices. You may also be looking to hire product managers and need a hand with understanding how to select candidates. 

Maybe you are leading a non-profit and want to invest into a product-oriented approach to development but do not know where to start. I have worked in a product role in a non-profit and I have seen first hand the benefits of investing into a product-oriented approach to development.


In a tailored approach, and after understanding your needs and set-up, I will observe your current processes and assess the best way to improve your current product management practices. How we do this can be flexible to your needs: we can work off of a short-term contract where I act as external observer, or I can directly work with your team to help implement new processes and mediate conversations.

I can also help as a freelance product manager to help you get a project to the finish line. 


Booking and rates

  • Duration and working hours will depend on your needs. We will discuss these during our discovery call

  • I offer special rates for non-profits