Product management 


Hi, my name is Elisabetta and I help product managers, companies and those interested in a career in product.

Product management is a challenging and rewarding profession.


We shoulder a lot of responsibility without a lot of power

We need to juggle interests of many parties.


We must have a 10,000 feet view and also master the details


We must properly divide our time between strategy, high level thinking and day-to-day management

I have been there: I have promised too much, worked too hard, struggled with managing all the interests and parties involved. Product managers learn by doing, but mentors are extremely valuable in guiding us in the right direction.


I know what it is like to have questions, to need someone objective to talk to who has been there before and who could give guidance through a challenge. 

I can help

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I offer special rates for individuals, freelancers and people who are currently training as product managers.

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Product management coaching

This is great for you if:

  • You are just starting out in product and need a space to discuss and ask questions without judgment.

  • You are a product leader and are trying to establish or professionalise a product management team and need to talk to someone who's been there.

  • You need help managing a remote team.

Management & leadership coaching

This is great for you if:

  • You as a line manager are new to all this, and need help with establishing fruitful management relationships that help both of you grow.

  • You manage other product managers and are unsure how to help them grow.

  • You need help with remotely managing your staff.

Product consultant

This is great for:

  • Young companies that need help establishing a product team and the right processes

  • Non-profits that want to introduce a product-oriented approach to their development processes and need help with starting out

  • Companies that need to strengthen their product management team

Product management workshops

I offer workshops and group trainings on specific areas of product development and management. Among the topics I cover:

  • The importance of user feedback & user research

  • Qualitative v quantitative user feedback

  • Feature prioritisation

  • Stakeholder management